Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to My World

My name is Dawn and this is my sewing room. This is also the room where I throw anything and everything that I can't figure out where to throw. But mostly, it's my sewing room. Today it's a little messy but I thought instead of wasting time cleaning it up, I'd just start this blog. So what you see is my 3-desk configuration with my sewing machines, my daughters' sewing machine, my serger, and somewhere in there is my embroidery machine. I'm not sure if you can see them all in this picture but I'm sure I'll talk about them individually and more in-depth later. There's also my quilt-in-progress here:
I'll definitely talk about this more. And then there's my make-shift design wall:
And finally, a closer shot of my messy goodness which makes me feel like I'm doing something:
I thought I'd introduce myself through my sewing room so that you could see that this is not going to be a "pretty" blog. It's just going to be a (keeping it) real account of what I like to do which is mostly sew and knit.

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